• Anti-slip mat

    Anti-slip mats on the roll are ideal for large-area use and in case of variable length requirements like with coil transports or covering a freight vehicle's loading space.
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  • Anti-slip mat

    Anti-slip mat strips are predominantly used for pallet transports, coil transports and many different kinds of small unit transports.
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  • Anti-slip mat

    Anti-slip mat pads are especially suited for punctual use, like pallet transports or for spreading them on flat surfaced goods like steel or concrete plates.
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Anti-slip mats - Hoffmann

made in germany

No matter whether you have to perform extreme driving maneuvers, like full brakings or use uneven roads -

your vehicle’s freight should never be affected!

But only in the rarest cases freight safety can be guaranteed by the vehicle’s build alone. That’s why anti-slip mats are part of the standard equipment for every professional transport.

Because of all the different demands on size and quality we provide a fitting solution for every load in a personal conversation and create an individual offer for you.